What are the risks faced by the presence of a family of animals in the house?

With the arrival of a new member in the family, it is the dog, the initial question is health security.
In animals there is the risk of zoonotic diseases (diseases transmitted from animal to human and vice versa).

During the discussion with family members, first seen in the possibility where to accommodate the animal to be taken home, and what is the state of health of the animal to be taken.

If the animal is taken in good condition and maintained, either by the owner and if the doctor vet, there is almost no risk of the disease over the animal to man. From the first moment of purchase of the animal, the owner must be presented to the doctor vet.

After the first check, is assured or not the presence of health problems in animals. At the highest proportion of cases with problems, which go to people, they appear to animal problems. There is also a special case, ecinococoza where animals are carriers and do not exhibit symptoms.

In such cases, there is always parambrojtja, i.e., preventive treatment since the beginning of death.