Two 4-week-old kittens braved through a Texas flood last year.

“Over Memorial Day weekend in 2015, Austin flooded badly. The bed and breakfast I work at has a feral cat colony, and one of the cats who we had not yet been able to TNR had just given birth under the house,” Christina wrote on GreaterGood.

Water kept rising in the yard, she could clearly hear the little kittens meowing. “So I put on my big rain boots and waded out in knee-deep water to find a little grey kitten marooned on a rock, a foot of water on all sides. Her mother and siblings were nowhere to be found. I snatched her up and dried her off and took her home, along with one of her siblings.”

The two kitten sisters had goopy eyes, parasites and fleas, but they were so happy to be away from the flood waters and safe in a home.

“We fed them KMR with a syringe every 4 hours until they were old enough to eat gruel. It was hard work, and involved my partner and I sleeping in shifts to make sure the kittens could be fed all through the night,” Christina said.

They made sure the little ones always went to sleep in a warm bed with a full belly. There were many sleepless nights, but seeing the furry sisters get better every day, it was so rewarding.