Squirrel Looks Like He’s Knocking On A Window For Help As A Fox Stalks Him

48-year-old Mark Mason Gardner has recently captured a once-in-a-lifetime shot of a squirrel that appears to be knocking on his window for help while a fox is lurking in the background in Gardner’s garden in North Kensington, West London.

“Most days they both come for food, the fox is blind in one eye, they both like monkey nuts,” Gardner . “They do spend time watching each other 4 feet apart sometimes, eyeing each other up.” Nevertheless, Gardner doesn’t think the fox would actually hurt the squirrel: “I think they know that this urban garden is for all, it’s a sanctuary to them and myself,” he explained. “It’s a wonderful insight into nature.”

“I live everyday with disability and find nature calming and often healing. At my most difficult times dealing with pain its the wild animals and birds that visit my garden that heal me.”