Cat Who Was Born To Be A Meowdel

Meet my cat June. A Maine Coon/Siberian kitty with big blue eyes, beautiful facial markings and her own social media life!

I love to take photos and I love cats. So why not combine them? When we could take June home, I already had an Instagram account made for her. And making that account for her was the way I could make tons of photos without spamming my family and friends on my personal account. Something I think a lot of people with cat (or any animal) accounts can relate to.

June soon showed she was born to be a meowdel! She poses purrfectly in every photo. And even if she can be sassy and show a grumpy face every now and then, we always get a great photo. June even has her own website with a blog. That way I can let people know what is happening with June even more!